Lymphoma in CatsWendy Brooks, DVM, DABVPDate Published: 05/19/2003Date Reviewed/Revised: 08/28/2019 Lymphoma is, at this time, the most common malignancy of cats, accounting for as much as 30 percent of all feline cancers. Luckily, it is just as responsive to medication as it is in dogs and prolonged remissions are common. This article reviews the common


Lymphoma in DogsWendy Brooks, DVM, DABVPDate Published: 01/01/2001Date Reviewed/Revised: 08/31/2018 The typical canine lymphoma patient is a middle-aged dog brought to the veterinarian because one or more lumps have been found. The veterinarian rapidly determines that these lumps are actually lymph nodes and that many (if not all) of the peripheral lymph nodes (those near