Deborah Hofler, VMD. Practice Owner

Deborah Hofler has been part of Valley Center and the owner of Countryside Veterinary Hospital since 1998. She first started working with animals at 13 years old by volunteering at a veterinary emergency hospital and from there she knew her gift to the world would be veterinary medicine. After receiving her degree in Animal Science from Cornell University, she attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned her Veterinary Medical Doctorate in 1995. With over thirty years’ experience in animal husbandry and nearly 20 years as a veterinarian, Dr. Hofler has become an important part of the Valley Center community, not only for her expertise, but also because of her kind and caring nature. Her favorite animals are Pit-bulls and three-toed sloths. Outside of the hospital, Dr. Hofler enjoys reading, hiking and skiing with her three children, all of whom are very active in different sports

Associate Doctors

Dr. Andrew Klotz

Dr. Andrew Klotz first became interested in helping animals in 1974 where his first job was at a Veterinary Hospital.  He always keeps the work day interesting and light hearted. His knowledge and expertise combined with his lighthearted nature has been a blessing in disguise for our team. Dr. Klotz has been with Countryside a little over 3 years. He enjoys working with his coworkers while helping people and their pets succeed. On his off time when he’s not spending time with his two greyhounds “Bam Bam”, “Logan” and his Llama “Star”, you’ll find him working in his vineyard and making wine.

Dr. Diane Stephens

Dr. Stephens is a Valley Center native and has been working for Countryside since October 2018. She has been surrounded by animals her whole childhood and has been practicing veterinary medicine professionally since 1995. On her spare time, Dr. Stephens enjoys playing the guitar and embracing the outdoors with her 4 Boxers and German Shepherd by hiking, camping, and dog training.

Dr. Lauren Hobson

Dr. Lauren Hobson brings a unique mix of professional and personable to the table and we welcomed her to our CSVET family in July 2019. Dr. Hobson graduated from the Western University of Health Sciences while obtaining a Fear Free certification(level 3). Her greatest joy is the variety of cases that are seen in a day and loves nothing more than to do everything she can to make both client and pet happy, the fear free way. Dr. Hobson has worked with numerous exotic animal practitioners in Southern California and will now be seeing exotic animals at Countryside. Whether it be a bearded dragon, snake, guinea pig, or bird; all pets are welcome!! Be sure to ask for Dr. Lauren Hobson and give her that big Valley Center Welcome!

Your Hospital Care Team

Felipe Hernandez, Lead Veterinary Technician

Felipe has lived in Valley Center for twenty years. Having realized his love for animals at a very young age, Felipe was able to start a profession where he could put his passion for animals to good use. Felipe has been working with Dr. Hofler since 2001 and is an integral part of the hospital. He takes pride in providing exceptional care to the animals and Felipe’s patience compares to none. His ability to bring confidence and reassurance to scared or insecure pets is like watching an artist paint a masterpiece. Underneath his gruff exterior beats the heart of a compassionate man who has one concern: the comfort of the patients in his care.

Jacob Crowl, Veterinary Technician

Jacob has been with Countryside Veterinary Hospital since 2006.  He is a native San Diegan and moved to Valley Center in 2004.  Jacob has a very calming and caring nature; he has been an animal caregiver for over fifteen years and he has a special touch when it comes to providing animals and clients with a sense of peace when they are here in the hospital. Jacob’s favorite animal is the Okapi, also known as the forest giraffe. He came to us after spending six years being the lead animal specialist at PetsMart. Outside of the veterinary hospital, Jacob enjoys geocaching, hiking, and martial arts.

 Windee Evans, Veterinary Technician

As a true Valley Center resident, Windee has a menagerie of animals at home: 2 goats, 3 horses, 5 dogs, and 6 cats. Her family has been fostering, rescuing, and rehabilitating ducks, cats, and dogs for twelve years. Windee has been involved with veterinary medicine for over twenty years and has experience working in emergency veterinary medicine, wildlife rescue, and for the Institute for Wildlife. She’s been at Countryside for 10 years and when it comes to expertise with injured, hurt and hesitant animals Windee brings that calming demeanor that we are so lucky to have on our team. When Windee is not working, she enjoys horseback riding and being with her family. 

Erica Leal-D’Alterio,
Veterinary Technician

Erica moved to Valley Center in 2007 seeking a place where her horses would have more than ample room to ride. Erica grew up being involved in 4-H and was offered a position on the collegiate competitive equestrian team and went on to then earn her AA in Social and Behavioral Science. Before becoming part of the Countryside family, Erica worked in emergency veterinary medicine where her expertise has become invaluable. She has a joyous personality and her love for animals can be seen in every pet she comes into contact with. She spends her spare time with her three fiancé and three sons riding her horses, traveling to places like Italy, Germany, and France.

Letisha Maxfeldt, Office Manager

Letisha has been a resident of Valley Center for over forty years. At the age of nine, she joined 4-H and began a long career of raising pigs and cattle with her family. At eighteen, Letisha began working for her dad, Dr. Van Wyk. Letisha is always open to add new furry family members. She has raised hundreds of orphaned kittens, and even had a litter of coyote pups at one point in time. Currently, Letisha shares her home with six dogs and six cats, but it is only a matter of time before another litter of “cat-tens” (as her grandson calls them) is added into the mix. Letisha enjoys going to the desert with her family and has continued her involvement with the local 4-H programs.

 Rachael Ballard, Receptionist

Rachael loves animals of all shapes and sizes.  While she mainly sees dogs and cats during her time at Countryside, when she goes home, she has a menagerie of different creatures waiting her arrival.  Rachael has two dogs, one cat, two tortoises, and three snakes.  She has also owned pythons, monitor lizards, scorpions, tarantulas, and bearded dragons.  At one time, she had upwards of 30 reptiles!  Rachael feels that being in the veterinary hospital is the perfect place for her to be; interacting with pets and their owners is what she likes the most.   Rachael spends her spare time getting massages, fishing, hiking, and traveling.

Leslie Wright,
Veterinary Technician

Leslie joined the Countryside family in 2016.  After volunteering with us for several months, she became a more permanent member of the team.  Leslie has been working with animals since she was ten years old.  She enjoys being able to work hands-on with the animals and being part of their journey back to good health.  Outside of work, Leslie cares for and rides her horses, hiking, and traveling.  Leslie has a huge heart, as indicated by the variety of critters that she shares her home with.  She currently has a lot of dogs, two cats, three birds, and a veiled chameleon.  She can’t just pick one type of animal as her favorite; she loves them all!

Breyanna Lukianczyk,
Veterinary Technician

Brey has been a valued member of our Countryside team for about 2 years. Her first hands on experience with animals was 6yrs ago as a stable hand. After graduating from high school her education continued to become a Veterinary Assistant. Her technical expertise has been an asset to our team and her calming demeanor aides in helping our high anxiety patients. On Brey’s off time she dedicates her love to her son, 3 dogs, and a well deserved glass of wine at the end of the day.

Rashell Rendon,

Rashell is new to our Countryside team but her friendly smile and genuine heart has been a perfect fit. Rashell first found her love for animals as a fourth grader in 4H learning husbandry with rabbits, sheep, and dairy heifers. On her spare time family comes first. Don’t be surprised to find her fishing, golfing, or visiting the Safari Park with her fiancé Jason, her son cash, and furbaby Hector. Rashell also has a unique gift and passion for planning weddings and general party events.

Jeff Caudill,
Veterinary Technician

Jeff has been part of our team starting 2019. He discovered his love for animals while helping his friends in FFA. Jeff’s calm demeanor really brings a sense of security to each pet he comes into contact with. His favorite part of the job is assisting in surgery and handling exotic animals. On Jeff’s spare time he ca be caught swimming, skateboarding, gaming and enjoying time with Kenny his Pug, Midnight his Lab mix, and Zoey his Great Dane. Oh, and his ultimate favorite animal is a White Tiger!

Adrianna Vasquez, Veterinary Technician Assistant

Adrianna has been an official part of the Countryside Team since May 2019. However, she fulfilled her externship requirement for school by volunteering with us in June and July of 2018. Adrianna first found her love of animals at 13 while volunteering her time as a kennel assistant for a breeder showing Bengal cats and Borzoi’s, mostly known as Russian Wolfhounds. What Adrianna loves the most about working in this field is being able to provide care for the animals and their human companions and experiencing firsthand the diversity of all of the animals’ personalities and characteristics. In her spare time, she loves dancing, kickboxing, going to the movies, traveling, relaxing on the beach, hanging out with my family, being part of live studio audiences, going to see Broadway shows #inlovewiththestage #broadwayfanatic. She is owned by 2 cats named Mufasa (yes, he looks like a lion) and Phantom (Phantom of the Opera, and yes, he does sing). Other special talents include being fluent in American Sign Language, traveling all over the world dancing in televised parades and festivals, and absolutely loves to make people laugh!